Interns for 2020

We are currently accepting applications for three enthusiastic, positive and hardworking interns passionate to make a difference for the community.  Gardening experience is not required but is helpful.

Why Intern at Bountiful Hope Farms?

Nothing is more gratifying than working as a team to meet a goal, learning new skills, and making a difference at the same time!
At Bountiful Hope, you have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills to be successful at small-scale chemical-free gardening and managing a nonprofit organization.  
Extensive hands-on learning opportunities include the following:
Chemical-free vegetable production: planting, transplanting, weeding, mulching, picking, sorting, washing and preparations
3 season hoop house, cold frame and greenhouse management
Chicken and egg production
Small-scale beekeeping
Small-scale organic flower production
Nonprofit management
Volunteer recruitment and training
Fundraising opportunities
Event planning opportunities
Community outreach and food-insecurity advocacy experiences
Nutrition education experiences
Harvesting, packaging and delivery to local food pantries and food banks
Marketing and community awareness experiences  (e.g., newsletters, social media updates)
Teaching opportunities
Nearly infinite opportunities for other projects of interest

Is This the Right Opportunity for You?

The ideal intern comes to Bountiful Hope with the goal to learn and make a difference. We are a team of hard-working and dependable team players.  If you are too, then come join us.
Nasty weather and the inevitable challenges do not stop us because we know there are hungry people who need the food we produce.  We are passionate about helping make the world a better place.   We work hard and have fun while we do it.
Internship Compensation
  • Intern scholarships (tentative depending on sponsorship – yet to be secured)
  • Valuable hands-on learning experiences and leadership opportunities
  • Access to an “intern” garden plot to grow your own produce
  • Access to grass fed beef and eggs
  • Valuable recommendations for future employers
  • Housing provided
  • Dependable automotive transportation (garden is located 3 miles outside of Monroe WI) with proof of insurance
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Valid drivers’ license with no moving violations within the last 2 years
  • Full-time commitment for the entire 2016 season (May to September and ideally available on weekends in April and October)

Application Process

  • Send your responses to the questions below to
  • Include a copy of your latest resume
  • Applications accepted until all 3 positions have been filled
  • Candidates who meet requirements will be contacted for initial screening phone interview
  • Face to face interviews are preferred (but not required) for top candidates
Internship Application Questions
  1. Name, address, and contact information including email address and cell phone number.
  2. Why are you interested in an internship with Bountiful Hope Farms? What would you hope to learn?  Describe your future goals and tell us how this internship will help you meet your goals.
  3. Tell us about your experiences with farming and gardening. Provide some details on what you have done previously that makes you a good candidate for this position.  Hint: you don’t have to have previous gardening experience, but if you do that is great.  Just tell us what/if any experiences you have had.
  4. Tell us about your interest in nonprofit management. Provide some details describing what you have done previously that makes you a good candidate for this position.  Hint: you don’t have to have nonprofit experience, but if you do that is great.  If not, help us connect your previous experiences to the work we do here at Bountiful Hope.
  5. Tell us about a time when you had to work hard to achieve a goal. Describe how you stayed motivated and what you learned.
  6. We encourage interns to deliver at least one special project that is of interest to them and aligns to the mission of the organization. Share your thoughts on a special project that would be of interest to you.  Here are some ideas that have been floating around but we are open to many different ideas:  design and deliver a “how to cook…” series, design and deliver a social media marketing campaign to raise awareness of Bountiful Hope, write a grant proposal, composting project, establish fruit garden.
  7. When you are free to do anything you want, describe what you choose to do with your time.